The New MexiChords
The New MexiChords of Albuquerque, New Mexico proudly present
“IT’S 1957 AGAIN!”
Saturday, May 13 at 2pm
Featuring the New MexiChords Chorus and Chapter Quartets - more than 30 talents, with special guests Blue Steele, champions of the 2015 Rocky Mountain District quartet contest.

What is barbershop as a musical style? Four guys on a street corner with handlebar mustaches and skimmers? Men who love to sing and have fun? Four part harmonies sung a cappella?

Well, says the New Mexichords of Albuquerque, barbershop is all this and more! With complex musical arrangements, orchestral appearances, worldwide marketing and products, today’s barbershop is hip, here, now, and WOW. Yet even with all that expansion, barbershop is still that full-bodied, four-part, close-cropped a capella sound that first captured our hearts decades upon decades ago.

In concert, especially in an acoustically supreme space as the Spencer, you’ll hear the melody in the second tenor part (with a top tenor above), a full, robust bass sound, and a baritone filling out the chords. It’s close harmony, with everyone singing the same word at the same time, and there are lots of those distinctive “Barbershop 7th (dominant 7th) chords.”(You’ll know it when you hear it!)

The Lads of Enchantment quartet from Albuquerque proved they blended all with aplomb when winning the Championship of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America (SPEBSQSA) back in 1957. Under the direction of Jamie Arrington, today’s New MexiChords chorus and chapter quartets is celebrating the 60th anniversary of that championship, singing in tribute the very songs that the Lads competed with back in ’57. Other great tunes of the era, including “Love Me, and the World is Mine,” “Music Man Medley,” and Elvis’ classic, “Love Me" further adorn the concert program, as will a number of patriotic tunes in honor of our service men and women of the armed forces.


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