The Four Freshmen
Saturday, June 10 at 8pm
Sponsored in-part by Karen & Bill Armstrong
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In 1948, four young men created a sound that forever changed the way vocal jazz harmony was heard and performed. Calling themselves The Four Freshmen, they made their timeless mark by spreading their four voices through a complex range of five chords. And unlike most vocal groups, each of its four members played more than one instrument, which allowed the others to switch off to different roles and improvise – jazz style.

With captivating tunes like “It’s A Blue World,” “Mood Indigo,” “Graduation Day,” “Angel Eyes,” “How Can I Tell Her,” “Whistle Me Some Blues,” “In This Whole Wide World,” “Candy, Day By Day,” “And So It’s Over” and “(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66,” the group accomplished an astounding number of “firsts” in their career. They were the first to be self-contained by each playing instrumental jazz while simultaneously singing harmonies a half-step apart, with all four voices smartly aligned at lush falsettos and swelling tempos. Another first was lengthy albums that would allow their sound to flow into conceptual works or thematic arrays.

Now, nearly 60 years later and with more than two dozen hit albums to their credit, The Four Freshmen stay forever fresh, maintaining a continuous creativity vis-à-vis their trademark sound of precise vocal unity and instrumental flare.

Today’s Four Freshmen features longtime band members Bob Ferreira, (bass vocals/drums), Jonathan Gaines, (3rd part vocals/ trumpet), Stein Malvey, (2nd part vocals/guitar) and Tommy Boynton, (lead vocals/bass).

In concert they draw music lovers of every stripe, many of whom call themselves ‘Freshmen Fanatics.’ Catch their tightly synchronized trademark sound live at the acoustically supreme Spencer!



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